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First view from Mather Point

Looking east from Mather point. You can see the Kaibab trail on...

Getting started in the morning

Mule train on Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail









Day is done.

We were up before 7am today. It's about 60 miles from Williams to the Grand Canyon. We had purchased tickets on line for the IMAX movie at the Grand Canyon. The first one started at 8:30. Good thing the speed limit is 65mph here - we made it into the first showing with no time to spare. The film was a good introduction to the canyon's history and scenery.

Then we drove a few miles into the park rim, and had our very first look at the Grand Canyon from Mather Point. Wow!

(Although we took 130 pictures today plus some video, luckily for you we'll only show a few here with captions!)

We did hike below the canyon rim on the Bright Angel Trail - till we met up with a mule train coming up the trail. We quickly retreated to the top! Then we walked back down the trail aways to take a couple of pics.

We had a great morning and afternoon on the rim trail, sometimes using the free shuttle to go the longer distances between viewpoints, sometime hiking instead. Everywhere, the views were awesome under a clear blue sky. We could see the Colorado River and it's rapids quite distinctly.

After a break at one of the lodges for an early supper, we returned to the main viewing area and walked the east side of the rim trail while the sun was setting behind us. What an incredible change in color and texture in the canyon. The continuously changing shadows redefined the canyon's appearance as the sun gradually set. We are so thankful we did not just return home to our RV right after supper.

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