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Dummy Sheriff

Vermillion Cliffs near Kanab, Utah

South of Page, Arizona

Today was a relatively easy travel day for us. We packed up our RV and headed east to Page, Arizona, about a two hour drive. We saw the Vermillion cliffs all along the way.

We then headed south to Flagstaff, then west to our destination for today, Williams Arizona. We're about an hour from the Grand Canyon. We plan to leave early tomorrow morning and spend most of the day there.

Tonight, the temperature here is forecast to get to around freezing! We always pictured Arizona as hot - after all that's where the snowbirds roost all winter. Well, here in the high desert, it does get quite cold at night. Daytimes are around 22 degrees, so quite comfortable.

Just as an aside, we drove by what appeared to be a Kane County Sheriff in Glendale, Utah. Upon closer inspection, we realised that the 'officer' inside was actually a dummy! They have one of those automatic displays that flashes your speed, and the fake Sheriff helps emphasize the point! Saves a lot on wages, I guess!

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