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The Catedral and part of the city

I'm finally settled! I arrived in Palma on Tuesday around 7pm with luggage in tow. Although it was a long flight, the fact that I was so excited to get here made it better. After the first lunch on Wednesday with the entire group, we walked around the city with the resident director and the lady in charge of housing assignments. All of the meals that we've had so far have been so good. They use olive oil on EVERYTHING. There's a lot of pork and seafood and tomatoes are almost in everything as well.

On Thursday, we walked around the city more to get our cell phones, bus passes and metro cards. We had an orientation session where they told us the most important information about the language, lifestyle, and safety stuff. Then, we met our host families! I'm living in an apartment with a Mom and her 9-year-old daughter and their cat, Marc. The interior is so beautiful and I have my own balcony! After moving all my things inside, I met up with the other American students (there are only five of us) and a guide (Maria, a student at the University) and we experienced "Nit del Arte." It's a night where the museums and art galleries are open until midnight or 1am.

On Friday, we visited the University. The campus is very pretty and it's outside the city so there are mountains on one side. We had more orientation sessions there and took a tour of the campus. It's weird because instead of squirrels or rats, there are cats everywhere. Afterwards, we went to the Spanish version of Walmart that's called Carrefour. It's pretty much the exact same but everything is in Spanish.

Yesterday, I went to the beach and tanned. We went out for lunch around 2, when people here normally go out, and had a very long and relaxing lunch. During the night, we met up with some Americans in the same program (CIEE) who are studying in Barcelona. We went to a pub that had a cover band that played only english songs so that was weird to hear because we talk in spanish all the time that we are here.

Today, we woke up early and bike rode with our guide Maria. We went to El Arenal (one of the beaches) and laid there for an hour or so. Afterwards, two people decided to go home and three of us rode up part of a mountain to Castle Bellver. I can't believe how beautiful everything is here.

That's all for now! We start intensive spanish class tomorrow and we'll see what happens after that!


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