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I like this shot!

The end of the lake as we make the bend...

We understand they light this cross in the evening...

It is very large, nice...

This was a nice place to walk!

Such a pretty lake!

Guess it's time to go, I'm ready for dinner now!

Last night we took a short drive along the shoreline of the lake. We just wanted to relax a bit before dinner. It was such a beautiful evening, a perfect 75 degrees, no wind. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs and take a few pics. Unfortunately, I missed the sunset, as we were in an area that didn't allow lake access at the time. But, we still enjoyed it very much.

Afterward, I made tacos for dinner and we watched tv for a bit before hitting the sack earlier than usual. We are going in to Kalispell to do a few errands and take Jeff out for lunch. Hopefully our refrigerator door will arrive soon. When it does, we'll head out the following day. This month is flying by and we don't want to freeze to death up in Canada!

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