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The Witches market, streets line with shops selling everything!

Warning - Tasteless shot!! READ TEXT!!!

Pacamama - the mother earth god for sale at the witches market

Back to La Paz, and time for some serious shopping in the witches markets!!! The witches markets is a network of streets that locals vendors sell everything and anything, tape measures, spices, door handles, jewlery, guns (yes guns over the counter, pistols, rifles, shotguns... what ever you need) statues of inca gods, guitars, ponchos... you get the idea. But the big items here at the market - dried animals or part there of. You can buy a condor wing, a stuffed puma or, the most favoured item, a dried Llama fetus. We know, we know, its a bit rough but the locals believe that if you burry one of these little babys under the foundations of a new house, as an offering to Pachamama, it will bring you luck. The tastless photo is a photo of these poor little fellows, so be warned, its not that pretty enlarged! The photo cost me B$6, as they usually dont allow any photos of the Llama, bad luck, but everything has its price!!! We didnt buy a Llama but we did buy heaps of other goodies. CDs and DVDs (some real good copies, some just blank DVDs with the title just written on in marker), ponchos, Sharna is getting a swanky leather jacket made, Charango cases, vests, Tshirts, jeans, all for rock bottom prices. Really hard to keep under control!!!

So, now stocked up, we fly out to Rurrenabeque heading for the Amazon jungle tommorow morning for 4 days. Should be great, meant to see sloths, shitloads of birds, crocs, paranas, otters, anacondors, monkeys and have a swim with pink dolphins!!! Should be fantastic. Staying in some eco (?) lodges in the jungle so the whole thing should be pretty uniquie.

Anyway gotta run, early flight tomorrow....

Having mucho fun,

Chris and Sharna.

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