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We get ready to take off on the beach!

The beach below us on Fraser as we get altitude!

You can see the other traffic on the beach - it's a...

Looking out over the Pacific Ocean

One of the many lakes of Fraser Island

The rainforest on the island from 2000 ft

Helen's Dad Andrew up above Fraser!

Rainforest mixed with huge sandpits!

Looking over the island

The cock pit! Don't touch any buttons Gareth!!

MOre rainforest, more sand!

Close up on some of the huge sand dunes!

Gareth in front (dying to have a play!)

These dunes are huge!

Coming back in to land!

Using the beach as a runway... bit lazy isn't it!

Helen looking sheepish at landing time!

The wreck of a boat as we land!

Our dinky little plane!

Helen and Gareth in front of the sky-boat / thing ;-)

Ahhhh the lovely Fraser Island!

Whilst we were there we took a cracking scenic flight over the island! It was great! Here's the pics - enjoy!

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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