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Grand Teton Range

Cowboy statue - only $280,000 and it's yours!

One of four arches made from antlers in the local park in...

At the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming.

We left Yellowstone at 10:30am, figuring it would take about three hours to get to the Grand Teton mountains and then to Jackson Hole, WY. What we didn't count on was the incredibly slow traffic - the maximum speed in the national parks was 45mph and we were frequently much slower than that. Add to that about twenty miles of gravel/dirt road construction over a mountain pass, and we actually took about five hours to get to the Grand Tetons, and finally arrived at the KOA campground south of Jackson Hole seven hours after we left. We only covered 128 miles!

But the scenery more than made up for the delays, and we were happy to view these mountains for the first time.

We spent about an hour in Jackson Hole - it reminded us of an expensive version of Whistler, but with a western theme. The good news was that we were able to find a reasonably priced cup of coffee.

Tonight was a housekeeping night - updated our travel log, making phone calls and doing laundry. Tomorrow, we're off to Utah via Idaho.

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