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Our first ever Hempfest!

It's getting dark, but I took this on the bridge above the...

Medical Marijuana available here...

It is 9pm, not much light but I think the pic is...

Well, as I mentioned earlier we arrived in Missoula without mishap. After setting up we decided to Google a Mexican restaurant and eat out for the evening. Turned out the one recommended was downtown so we gave Suzi the address and headed that way. Wow, there was no place to park! Wonder what's going on? As we circled the block we could see that there was a large area with what looked like booths and a big white awning. And tons of people! We decided to go ahead and eat dinner and then check it out. Dinner was good and we enjoyed relaxing for a bit after a stressful last couple of hours.

Afterward, we walked the block or so to find out what all the excitement was about. Along the way we noticed many 'beatnik' looking folks with strange attire and dreadlocks. And what's the smell? Ahhh, we've located our first Hempfest ever! There was a loud, long speech over a loudspeaker going on. We couldn't actually see the speaker as there was a $5 cover charge per person to come into the roped off area. And my honey said "no way"! Dick offered to pay my way in, but I declined. I could see enough from where we were. Lots of tie-died shirts, cool looking bags and pipes for sale. As well as 'medicinal' looking stuff. And plenty of all natural foods. They were very green folks as well! Interesting to be sure.

We continued our walk for several blocks, checking out the local courthouse and a couple of beautiful churches. The weather was just beautiful and it felt good to walk off my dinner. We noticed several folks in sleeping bags, bedded down for the night on the lawns of the churches, as well as park benches along our way. Time to head home for us as well.

Dick and Lou joined us for one last game of hand and foot for this year. I hate to admit it, but the guys prevailed once again! Two in a row for them. But 5 for 16 for the season. They tried to declare 'World Championship" but no way Jose!

This morning we headed north while they continued west. It was sad to say our goodbyes but time to move on. Next post is on Bigfork and Flathead lake. And our grandson Jeff of course! See you there!

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