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One of many games of air hockey

Perm mosque next to a huge shopping centre

Monastery near Perm

Datcha on the right, banya on the left

BBQ at the datcha

Synchronised jumping (nearly) by the river

Wedding tug of love

Though we really loved the train with plenty of relaxation, meeting strange strangers and getting merry it was great to arrive in Perm. Here we had a few days with familiar faces whilst visiting Hamish and Hannah Louise who have been working for a charity helping street kids in this city for the past three years. Many bliny (pancakes) many ridiculous wedding parties congregating for photos in the same areas (with hummer limos) and many vodkas. We also had the chance to visit the surrounding countryside (Ural mountains) staying in one of their friend’s “dacha” (country getaway) with bbq and Russia banya (sauna) where you beat the toxins out of each other with a birch branch. Hamish was left with some meaty welts.

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