It has nothing to do with luck. travel blog

The lively town center

Abandon church, remind you of anywhere?(Mexico)

Not a bad hotel for $4 a night right on the beach

The only place in town to stay, talk about a monopoly

This is about 1/8 of the total wave. No camera on earth...

Pat, Ryan, Simon, and Doris. She's like a mother to us now,...

Brand new board - what better place to debut it than on...

Peruvian fishing boats

Good food with good people

drunkin taxi rides are also good

We stopped here with the sole purpose of riding the longest wave on earth. When the swell is hitting the wave goes on for 2 miles. You simply paddle out at the point and catch the wave and ride it as far as you can until your legs burn so bad you must pull off. Then, rest for a few minutes and catch the next set and repeat the process a few times until your back at the pier where you get out and walk back to the point to do it again. The wave is a dream come true that seems like its not of this earth. All of our time was spent surfing since there was absolutely nothing else to do. The town is very similar to any small Mexican town you can think of. Dirty and deserty. There was one other gringo, Simon, who was staying in our hotel. The three of us were the whole tourist population for the week. On our last day we went to Huanchaco with our friends we met from the Canary Islands in Spain. We ate and drank with them until we caught our bus north, back to the tropics.

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