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A quick update to let you all know that we left South Dakota on Wednesday morning as planned. We've been traveling with Dick and Lou for the past few days, but will soon head north as they continue their journey west. Somewhere around Missoula, MT I think. Paul, Marcie and Terry came by for last hugs and Paul gifted us a new flag (which we needed!). And Marcie prepared both couples a bag of sandwiches (made on homemade rolls) and a half dozen of her homemade sticky buns. What a nice surprise!

It was a beautiful day for traveling and we made good time into Wyoming. Of course we didn't wait very long to stop for our picnic lunch. Those sticky buns were too much for the guys to resist for very long! A couple of hundred miles later, we stopped in Sheridan for the evening. Decided to just stay at the local Wal-Mart as we planned to move out early the next morning and we both wanted to pick up a few things. Turned out to be relatively quiet and we slept well.

We've been having trouble with our Motosat, so no Internet for the past few days. As you can tell, it has now been resolved (after 2 hours on the phone with them) so will do an actual update on our activities later this evening. We are currently just west of Butte, Mt heading to the Flathead Lake (Bigfork) today. So, check back in later this evening or tomorrow morning if you like. Thanks....

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