Family Trip to Burning Man travel blog

The "Before" picture

At Greeters!

These aren't my pictures. They belong to the "playa virgins" whose memory card was turned in to me while I was Rangering. I forgot to turn it in to the lost and found, so I posted on ePlaya hoping they'll find it. I know they are playa virgins because the Greeters always make the first-timers roll around in the dust as soon as they get there. Tradition! :)

Dear Playa Virgins,

If these pictures came off your lost SD card, just send me a message with your mailing address. And just so I know it's you (and not some perv looking for naked pics...of which there are none), describe to me the very adorable kitty who appears in the pictures just before the motor home shots.

I hope y'all enjoyed your experience!

Best wishes,

Ranger "Texas Geo"

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