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Walked up the right hand side, across the top, and down the...

View from half way up

Liz on the walk

View from the top

Stu on the top

View of the ski fields

Coming back down

Stu in the hostel

Nelson Lakes could be likened to the Lake District, but not quite as green or warm! Our hostel really was in the middle of no-where with not even a pub to walk to....not good planning! The hostel was full of runners who'd run a half-marathon around one of the lakes that day and made us feel very lazy for planning just a half-day's walk the following day!

We walked up Mt. Robert - the walk had sounded appealing to us from the moment we were told that you drive half way up it before having to walk anywhere!! In the end it did turn out to be a great walk, but hard work and cold. Snow had fallen overnight on the top, and the southerly wind was doing it's best to try and blow us over some of the ridges, but it was worth it for the views from the top.

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