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Start point, Sylvan Lake...

On their way...

Looks like a beautiful day!

Terry taking a breather!

It's very pretty back here...

Looks like you're holding up pretty well Mr. Dick!

There is a boring beetle wreaking havoc on the forrest in spots,...

Wow, awesome view!

It's pretty windy boys, hang on to your hats!

An abandoned fire lookout tower is situated on the summit...

What a view! Note the folks climbing in middle of screen, gives...

Here you can really see the beetle at work...

Love this shot!

Wonderful pics guys, thanks for sharing!

Whew, back to the bottom, what a neat day!

Wednesday, friends Dick & Terry decided to climb to the top of Harney Peak, the highest mountain in South Dakota, at an elevation of 7,244 feet. This peak is the highest point in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

Harney Peak was named in the late 1850s by Lieutenant Governor K. Warren in honor of General William S. Harney, who was commander of the military in the Black Hills area in the late 1850s.

They invited Larry to hike as well, but after about 10 seconds of thought, he decided to pass! With his 'new' knees he decided this one might be a bit more than he wanted to take on. Their start point was from Sylvan Lake, although there are many other places to begin the journey. It is supposedly the easiest route, about 6 miles up and back. Larry lent them his backpack, told them to take lots of pictures and wished them well!

Well, they did take lots of pics, and even though they were both exhausted when they reached the bottom safely, they had a wonderful time. In the meantime, Larry & I fished Bismark Lake and had a wonderful day ourselves. So, enjoy the pics and perhaps you'll be inspired to take this hike yourselves one day soon!

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