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Sushi at Cala Luna

Beth's caterpillar roll

Mapache (Spanish for raccoon)

Mapache (Spanish for raccoon)

Playing Hearts by candlelight

Not surprisingly, the next day was uneventful. Breakfast at “the $6 breakfast place” in town, followed by souvenir shopping, then back home for a nap, and then another nap.

The evening was more memorable. It rains about every other day right around 3:30 or 4:00 for about an hour. We watched the HUGE afternoon storm from our deck. Lighting struck the power transmitter just outside out door, which scared the shit out of us and sent us scrambling off the deck. It is not unusual for the electricity to go out during the storms, but this night the lights did come back on. When we headed to the market for candles we noticed that our condo complex was the only place around without power, so we decided to head just down the street for a sushi dinner at Cala Luna.

John had his first full sushi meal. He ordered tempura California roll, which was excellent! We went back a couple of days later and all ordered John's roll (see entry for Day 13). The raccoons joined us for dinner both times.

Still no lights when we came home. Tiffany taught us to play the card game Hearts, which we played by candlelight.

The lights turned on just as we were going to bed around midnight. Unfortunately our Internet was permanently killed, which is why I didn't make any entries to this journal for a while.

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