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At the Alpine Inn for dinner this evening, delicious...

Check out my sparkler!

And my 'birthday cake'.....yummy!

Got this cool top from Mom & Dad...

And a new fishin' shirt from Dick & Lou...

Candy from Marcie, I'll be savoring it slowly, no sharing!

Native Indian jewelry (from Crazy Horse artists) from my hubby...

The show has started, a good idea of what the completed project...

Amazing what they can project on the side of this monument!

How neat, and the audio is great too! Wish you were here...

Wow, what a wonderful birthday. I appreciate all of your calls, cards, e-mails and e-cards very much. And, of course, the gifts! I got a French Postcard top (Manhattan) and some cash from Mom & Dad. Three pieces of Native Indian Jewelry and, a new Canon point & shoot camera from my honey. A shirt and pretzels from Dick and Lou. And, candy from the Custer County Candy Company from Marcie. Thanks everyone! My honey also took me to the Alpine Inn (in Hill City) for dinner. One of our favorite restaurants. They serve an awesome filet (you choose the size) with baked potato, a lettuce wedge salad with dressing to die for, and Texas toast. A small dinner menu, but what else would you need!

Of course Dick blabbed about it being my birthday, so they brought out a delicious dessert with a sparkler on top. After a bite or two I wasn't as miffed at him for telling! Yummy...we finished our meal with just enough time to arrive at Crazy Horse for this evening's laser show. Even though we've seen it 4 years in a row, we still love it. Amazing what they can do on the side of that mountain! It was a bit cool, but a light jacket sufficed and fortunately, there wasn't any wind this evening. If you ever travel to the Black Hills, we highly recommend this as one of your 'must visits'. We went back and compared our '06 pictures this evening, and you can definitely see progress. It won't be done in my lifetime, but maybe our grandchildren will visit it when completed!

That's it for today. Time to hit the sack! Thanks for checking in... We appreciate all of you dear readers!


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