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Barcelo pool

Tiffany and Trevor in their matching tennis outfits

Tiffany and Trevor in their matching tennis outfits



John enjoying a poolside tropical drink

Tough guys in the bullring



Fried pork

What a fabulous day! It started with a looong (my longest yet) sunrise run. Then a fun day - and night - and late night.

We purchased day passes at the Barcelo, the all-inclusive resort down the road. For $45 we were able to use the resort from 8am-6pm, which included all tours and resort activities and amenities, breakfast, lunch, access to the snack bar, and unlimited poolside drinks. Seeing as how we were going to pay $20/person for a guided kayak tour anyway, and the Barcelo offered this very tour with the day pass, we couldn't pass up such a deal!

After a huge breakfast, we took kayaks through the nearby estuary in search of los crocodilos. Unfortunately there were no crocodile sightings, or any other even remotely interesting animal sightings. I nonetheless enjoyed my first kayaking experience. After our little excursion, John and I sat by the pool while Tiffany and Trevor played tennis.

John and I were entertained by a raccoon scavenging for food.

These pests are everywhere here! It is pretty gross, but I suppose it's better than stray dogs, which would just make me sad. There are stray dogs (and, surprisingly, a lot of stray cats as well), but not as many as I expected.

Tiff, Trevor, John and I befriended a nice young couple from California during a rigorous game of beer-pong. The six of us hung out and enjoyed tropical drinks for the remainder of our time at the Barcelo. Ashley and Sean were staying at the Barcelo, so they stayed there for dinner while the rest of us returned to our place to eat and change. Some of you may have received a fun little e-mail from me during this time…

We met up with Ashley and Sean about an hour later and we all headed to a festival in the next town over. Trevor learned about this little gem from a cab driver (Trevor speaks fluent Spanish). Our super tough, gringo boys joined the locals in the festivities by jumping right into the bull ring! I’m pretty sure this was a highlight in all of their lives. John has reminded me approximately four times to remember to mention “the bullfight” in this travel journal. The spectacle was hilarious – John, Trevor and Sean would stand along the edge of the ring until the bull took even a step in their direction, at which point they would madly flee to safety. They are tough.

The evening continued at the bars back in Tamarindo. Tamarindo is known as a laid-back, hippie surfer town. I have not seen much of this crowd, but that is likely because I crash every night before the bars even open! Turns out the bar scene is pretty fun (if you can get past the barefoot hippies).

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