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View from the boat launch this morning...

I took a little stroll while waiting for Larry to come back...

I've still got my eye on the Paddleski though!

First fish of the day, caught on my pole!

I liked this little tree growing out of the rock and managed...

My honey looking very relaxed and prepared too, don't you think???

Woo hoo, he's hooked a nice one!

Nice fish baby, check out how fat it is!

Looking pretty pleased with himself!

Time to head in, love the scenery around us, one of the...

Larry and I decided to get in another day on Bismark Lake today. We wanted to catch a few rainbow trout, and we were looking for the big ones. I decided that it was my turn to handle the boat so that he could concentrate on his pole! He always spends more time than he should dealing with mine, consequently, I usually catch more fish. As a result, he caught 3 nice rainbow's today and I caught, you guessed it, none! Now, I do have to tell you that his first fish was caught on my pole, and he did offer to hand it over to me, but I kindly let him bring it in....aren't I a good girl?

It took us longer to get on the lake than we'd hoped. We launched without incident, err, sort of. My honeys croc got caught in the rocks as he boarded, his knee buckled, and down he went landing on his rear, up to his waist! He hadn't put his wallet into the dry bag so that was his biggest concern. It was a bit damp but dried out ok. I trolled us out about 300 yards, put the motor into reverse, and watched the ring/nut holding the prop on shoot straight out and rapidly sink. Uh oh...I quickly killed the power and raised the prop out of the water, saving it!!! Yay for me....We unstrapped our paddles and made for shore. Not wanting to reload everything, I stayed there and Larry headed to town with the motor. 45 minutes later he arrived back with it fixed. We can't figure out how the darn thing came off as he always checks to make sure it is good and tight before using, but it sure did. Anyway, it now has a locking nut on it so should be fine.

The weather was just perfect all day, not too hot, not too cold. A slight breeze would come and go and the best part was that we had the lake all to ourselves! Not one other craft on the water today. It was so peaceful, trolling back and forth. We used lures today and the trout were liking it! Larry's first fish was nice, his second was a real beauty and his 3rd nice again. He thinks the 2nd one might be his biggest rainbow ever. What a fighter too! Anyway, think I'll go back to passengering (is that a word??) next time. I got a few bites but never managed to set a hook while driving. Don't know why they didn't hook themselves! Lol Another nice day spent here in the Hills. We leave next Tuesday morning, so we'll be trying to squeeze in as much activity as possible before we go. See you later!

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