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Well, we got a bus from Chiclayo and were ready to cross the border into Ecuador. We stopped overnight in a border town called Tumbes where we were able to catch an international bus to Ecuador. We had heard some bad things about Tumbes and unfortunately they turned out to be true. We are arrived in the evening having a hotel lined up, when our cab driver tried to tell us that the border was closed due to demonstrations and we should stay at a different hotel in a different town. After turning down his offer and ignoring his 'concerns' about the border we were dropped off at our hotel. After seeing the room, his offer may not have been to bad an idea. It was definately the dirtiest room we'd seen in Peru. The shower consisted of a pipe coming out of the wall and the place had an interesting odour. Anyways we decided that we were just there to sleep and would put up with it for the night. We then proceeded to try and obtain our tickets for the morning to take us to Guayaquil, Ecuador. After walking a few blocks with no success in finding the bus company we needed, we ran into one of the guys that tried to 'help' us at the bus station. He offered to take us to the place we wanted in his cab for 1 sole. We got there and booked our tickets for the morning and then he took us back to our hotel. There we gave him his money and he looked funny at it and said that the 1 sole charge was for each of us. We reluctantly gave him his money and decided we had had enough of Tumbes. We had a bite to eat at the local chifa (chinese restaurant) and went back to our delightful room for the night.

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