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Arriving at the 6th Street block party, lots of folks here already...

The band is terrific!

Dick, getting ready to take aim...they traded 'dunkees' every 30 minutes, good...

The girl's volleyball team has arrived...

And a local attorney goes down!

She was a trooper and climbed right back up...

I enjoyed watching and shooting the clouds,so pretty!

And I have to share a pic of the strawberry jubilee coffee...

I didn't sleep very well last night, as my arm ached from the tetanus shot and my thumb was sore after the numbness wore off. I kept rolling over in my sleep, bumping both. But as the day wore on, they both felt better. A little Motrin kept the soreness under control. I didn't do much, but hubby worked most of the day cleaning one side of the 5'er. He also cleaned the underside of the awning....looks great!

About 3:30, we both showered so that we could be downtown by 4pm. The businesses on 6th Street were hosting a Customer Appreciation block party featuring a dunk tank, face painting, free food and live music by our favorite band, Pleasant Valley Sunday. We were invited to the party by their drummer, Van.

The turnout was terrific and the weather couldn't have been any nicer. The folks working the dunk tank spent quite a bit of time in the water! The cost was $1.00 to throw a softball at the red target, with 50% going to the local food pantry. But, when the local girls volleyball team arrived (31 of them), the ball was switched to, you guessed it, a volleyball....And believe me, it hit the mark nearly every throw! Too fun!

We didn't eat there, but the food looked terrific. We did enjoy a rootbeer float while listening to the band. Afterward, we came back home and enjoyed sloppy joes, cole slaw and grilling beans. Jack built the, almost nightly, campfire. He can build one mean fire! Guess practice makes perfect.

Have you noticed how campfires are great friendship, fellowship, and spirit builders. I think that rare is the person that hasn't felt some special moment sitting round the fire with friends, entranced in some special thought, happy to be joined in the bonds of friendship.

I like this short campfire poem, and find it to be so true. Maybe you will too!

Did you ever watch the campfire

..When the wood has fallen low,

And the ashes start to whiten

..Round the embers' crimson glow?

Tell me, were you ever nearer

..To the land of heart's desire

Than when you sat there thinking

..With your face turned toward the fire?

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