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We spent the morning in Rapid City doing a few errands. Onyx had a feet, face & fanny and looks great! Larry had both pair of his glasses repaired and is quite pleased. The lens continuously fell out of one pair (only 3 months old!) and the temple accidentally broke on the 2nd pair. Pearle Vision treated us well, we hope to give them business on down the road. We had a mediocre lunch, Mexican food, picked up a few things at Wal-Mart and headed home.

Arriving back in Custer, we stopped by the Post Office to pick up our General Delivery's. Our new (used) internet modem finally arrived. Unfortunately, that darn box became a problem for me. Larry & Dick ran to the VFW and Jack & Barb came by to hang on the inversion table. While visiting with them, I attempted to use my butcher knife to open our package. The strapping tape was really on there, and right as I commented to Jack & Barb that my knife "wouldn't cut through hot butter", it did! Slicing a nice deep cut in my thumb! Ouch....

Lou happened to drive up right about then, and between the three of them, it was decided that I needed stitches. So off to the hospital we went. They were right, I got four stitches. And a tetanus shot. Apparently you really should have a tetanus every ten years, and I am sure I haven't had one since grade school, if ever. Mom would know, guess I'll have to check with her! Anyhow, if I did get one during my school days, it's been a few moons since then! And another year is coming next week on September 3rd. But we're not talking about that! LOL

Anyway, I am fine. A bit of throbbing in my thumb this evening and a dull ache in my right arm from the shot too. But the Doc said I was a 'very good patient'! Can't get it wet for 48 hours, so no dishes for me! Yippeeee......

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