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mall store fronts..

mall store front

path around the mall

McDonald's in the mall

one of several fountains

Macy's plus..

shopping galore

inside - outside mall

headed to the mall fruit market

alot of greenery

Pluots !!!

fruits in abundance

salad time....well maybe not

mom's Rhubarb...

different type of tomatoes

Stanford Mall fruit market

Tiffany & Company--not enough money available for this place

passed this store up - went to the store to the left-...

Mural Mural on the wall...

diamonds and bubbles...

had to sit after seeing the prices....

several water features in the mall

water drops

plenty of flowers at the mall











gee..... what's in the box ???

ok $4.50 x 2= not cheap...good lesson...better sweets !

$4.50 each...didn't know that, I know "If there's no price, ask !!"...

ok, so we lingered in this store



nice to sit in the sun and relax !!! 75 degrees....mild cool...

now that's a BIG Bouquet of flowers !!!!

seats are occupied on a beautiful day

space available............

it's a bird, it's a .well, yes, it is a plane,...

I’m not a “mall person”, it’s not that I don’t like to spend money, I have always had the thought that prices at a mall are going to be higher as the cost of square footage also reflects a higher price to the shop keeper, so it makes sense to me that we, the consumer pay for higher prices, it rolls down hill. Just a example of why I don’t search out a mall to visit, but in this case I had “spare time” as I left the RV to pick Donna up from work, thought I would drive around the mall to see what was there. I was quite impressed by the design of the building (s) within the confines of this Stanford Mall and the foliage.

There may be a few of you all who have been to large malls around the country, so this may not be a entry that you find interesting, but, I need to tell you, with the weather that this part of the country enjoys, the cool temps and sunshine, Donna and I have been able to take some beautiful flower pictures. The mall has water fountains throughout, more restaurants to make those hard decisions of what to eat and where.

We didn’t go into the Tiffany & Co store (wish I had Duane’s credit card! Cha-cha-ching), didn’t really pay that much attention to all the clothing stores, don’t have the room in the RV for more clothes anyway, didn’t have any desire to go to a restaurant as someone is supposed to be on a weight reduction plan (Donna’s plan, not mine, of course).

But we, well, I did find a Godiva chocolate store, you know they say dark chocolate IS good for you. Ok, so I didn’t realize the price, but it did come with it’s own box, ribbon, neatly tied in a bow, box placed in a “gold Godiva” paper bag (NOT paper recycled and reused bag, I might add!) AND two napkins, one napkin for each $4.50 chocolate ‘silver dollar’ size candy. I believe Donna already knew all about this store, except “no picture taking”, the clerk said, secrets? What’s the secret with chocolate? You eat chocolate, you get FAT! Too late, I already know THAT SECRET!

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