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Yummy cinammon rolls, thanks Jack!

Larry's stuffed jalapenos, almost done...

Barb serving her delicious lasagna...

Ready to dive in, Larry's here also, believe me, he's taking pic!

Jack slicing 2nds on the bread, it was so good!

The resident turkey brood, just checkin' things out!

Jack & Barb spent hours in the kitchen baking and cooking today! It started with homemade cinnamon rolls, and ended with lasagna and fresh bread. Delicious! I prepared a salad and Larry grilled stuffed jalapeno peppers as an appetizer. Doesn't it seem like everything cooked with bacon (in or around it) always tastes delicious?

We enjoyed eating our meal outdoors, it was lovely. Nice temperature, no wind. But, 30 minutes later, lightning appeared, the wind kicked up and the raindrops began! Everyone hustled around gathering dishes, chairs, etc. The rain put an end to plans for an evening campfire. But that's ok, we enjoyed the great meal and the company while it lasted!

We have certainly had different weather patterns here in the Hills this year compared to years past. But we're not complaining very loudly. All in all, it's been wonderful. One week left. Assuming our packages all arrive in time. Larry received his new watch today. Did I mention that it died also? The brackets also arrived for the kitchen counter top extension. Our old ones were not heavy enough, the new ones look like they will be great. Hopefully the rest of our things will arrive soon. I miss my camera!

The wild turkeys living here in the campground came by to check things out. They were right behind our rig. Perhaps they smelled the lasagna from a distance? Don't blame them for stopping by. It smelled so good I'm sure it whetted their appetites also! The babies are growing up fast. We think there are 17 in this 'little family'. Onyx loves watching them. That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by....

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