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Scenes from Kuala Lumpur

Downtown KL

Kuala Lumpur Tower

View from the KL Tower

Petronas Towers

From the Skybridge of the Petronas Towers

Looking up at the Petronas Towers


Sultans's Palace in Melaka

Chinatown in Melaka

Sunset in Melaka

Malaysia has been an unexpected treasure. I really did not know what to expect because I really didn't know that much about the country before I came. We definitely enjoyed our time in Kuala Lumpur. It is a really beautiful city. Yesterday, we toured both the KL Tower (similar to Toronto's CN Tower) and checked out the view from the skybridge at the Petronas Towers. Both views were very impressive. I am amazed by the sheer beauty of the Petronas Towers, especially when they are lit up at night.

Before catching the bus for Melaka, I treated myself to a much needed haircut at the mall. It was worth the 30 Ringit (about $7.50) for the 20 minute head massage alone! We had about a 2 an a half hour drive to Melaka, which is another historic seaside town that was previously used as a port by many nations. The town is very quaint and there are ruins of churchs and a fort here from when the Portugese occupied this area. Like many of the port towns here, it has been occupied by many countries...Malaysia finally gained its own independence in the 1950's. We are staying at a really nice hotel...there is even a roof-top deck and jacuzzi, which is quite posh by our standards. Can't beat that!

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