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Look at my juicey apples!

Talking old apple picking stories around the camp fire....

Roasting marshmallow's over the trusty old homemade barbie!

Sam dumps his load

I love driving my tractor :-))

The infamous "Dutch".

Our shelter from the icy wind

We heard tales from other travellers about Orange, where it's really easy to pick up work as there is lots of fruit to pick, and after working in the city for 3 months we fancied a change so off we went. Orange, is inland from Sydney about 4 hours or so and is named after the Prince of Orange who later became the King of Holland. We were told this by one of the local characters named Dutch who, suprisingly was dutch... We arrived and within a day were working, we camped for free on the owners land, right next to the apple trees, in our little two man tent. It was freezing because apparently it's always cold in Orange and because it's very high above sea level there. Luckily, we met a gang of Brits who were already working there and quickly became mates, setting up a little communal area with an old drum for a fire (we realized later, after BBQ-ing on it that it had a big toxic sign on it). Picking apples was actually quite alot harder than we imagined, we were up at the crack of dawn every morning, picking apples by around 6.30AM - we got paid $20 per bin (which was a third of a tonne) and this could sometimes (depending on the size of the trees and apples) take 3 hours -that's pretty shite pay... After 3 weeks of no electricity, being surrounded by hicks, getting dirty every day, cold every night and losing our sanity a little (I cried over an apple once, and Sam had fight with a tree) we decided we'd had enough and made plans to head to Byron for some R&R...

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