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Spent the day on the bus, a full 12 hours. We made a stop at Thermopyles, battle site between the Greeks and Persians. So it was Sparta -v- Persians. Can't really tell much about it, not the history I'm into..so didn't take much in. Still digesting Egypt.

Then we continued our journey to the hotel, arrived about 7.30pm. We found dinner and had a quite night in repacking our luggage. I have heaps, and heaps...still another 20 days to go.

Looking forward to the end of the trip, bit over the bus now.

Not much to tell.

Dick of the day has been delayed as the group split. So because Nathan held the bus up in Egypt (Aswan) because he overslept, then delayed us getting to the airport for the Abu Simbel.. Then as we returned that day he held the plane up returning to Aswan because he left his camera at the airport cafe. So it went to Nathan hands down.

Little to tell..

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