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View from our breakfast table - love this campsite!



Height's Cove on Englee Island.

Height's Cove on Englee Island.

Height's Cove on Englee Island.

View from north tip of Englee Island.



Barr'd Island and the staircase up to the trail.

Some views of Englee, Englee Is., and the two harbors from atop...



Panoramic photo made from the previous photos.

White Point, south tip of Englee Is. taken from trail on Barr'd...

Open Atlantic Ocean from Barr'd Is. trail.

Many of these deformed trees along trail. Ship builders sought these to...

Mushrooms along trail - too bad John wasn't here to tell us...

165 steps up - now 165 steps down!

View of the harbor along Dorset Drive.

If your yard isn't large enough for a clothesline just use the...

Village of Conche with a population of about 200. Was about 600...

More of those beautiful wild flowers that are everywhere.



(Ron Writing) It was sunny when we awoke but soon started getting cloudy and was overcast most of the day. But at least it didn’t rain until late this evening.

We started our day with a leisurely breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream – yummy. We then continued south on Hwy 433 to the end of the highway at Englee. This is the end of the road on the east side of Northern Peninsula – to see any more of this side would require a boat.

Englee is a very picturesqe fishing village with a well protected harbor. It is sheltered by the very high hills surrounding it on all sides. They have a inviting roadside park at the entrance to town and a large sign there describes the layout of the town and harbor and the several hiking trails they’ve developed in the adjacent hills.

We did a walking tour of part of the town and hiked to the top of Barr’d Island at the entrance to the harbor. There’s a loop trail at the top of the island with great views of the harbor, Englee Island, and the open Atlantic.

On our way back north on Hwy 433 we stopped at a fishing village of Bide Arm. We came across a dump station; complimentary of the village. You'd think we hit gold; only RVers would understand that!

We drove back north to Roddickton and then east on Hwy 434 to Conche, another fishing village. Hwy 434 is actually a gravel road and quite rough in spots. Conche is also a picturesque community in a beautiful setting but we didn’t get many good photos because there was no place to park our rig.. We did stop down by the wharf and visit with a fisherman there which was very enjoyable and informative as well.

From Conche we drove north and then west across Northern Peninsula on Highways 434, 433, and 432 over to the west side. There are no towns along this stretch as it cuts across the inland area. All the towns on Northern Peninsula are right along the coast. This was the best wildlife spotting day yet. We saw a coyote, a fox, and a moose. However, none of them would pose for a picture.

The west end of Hwy 432 intersects Hwy 430 at Plum Point. We spent the night here on Aug. 11 and decided to stay at the same spot again by the Viking Trail Academy. We didn’t see anywhere to get on the internet today so we’ll have to post this and yesterday's blog tomorrow.

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