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Day 48

This should be my last night on the road. I’m sitting in a restaurant at the motel in Blind River, Ontario, eating fish and chips and enjoying a Coors Light.

I started the day very well. The sun was bright, the skies clear and the road inviting. I was about an hour down the road, chortling to myself about Terry’s report of rain when someone up there decided to teach me a lesson and take a leak on me. Rain gear, what a drag. The difference between a half-helmet, t shirt and sunglasses, and three layers of clothes inside a giant condom is self explanatory. Apparently my indiscretion with the guy upstairs wasn’t all that serious, or maybe the guys evened it up on the other end, either way the rain stopped and the sun came out after about three hours. I gratefully stripped of the various pieces of rubber and plastic and continued bravely on.. The country in the north of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota is truly remarkable. It is quite similar to Ontario with lots of lakes and pine forest.

I made it to the Sault about five and continued on to Blind River. It’s good to be back in Canada and to see familiar terrain.

I checked my e-mail to see if the boys had sent me any more text or posted anything. So far nothing.

I’ll probably not post my final blog until day after tomorrow. I called Marla and asked her to take out some steaks for dinner. After dinner I don’t think writing will be on my priority list for a least one night.

Till then…………

Hey Greg, Grand Rapids Minnesota is the home of the original Cabellas. It’s a block off highway 2.

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