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Nice Car

Lots of cherry rides around town

Maddie keeping track of her ball. Coby's is blue

Coby chasing after Maddie's duck

Where ya going?

Our campsite for dinner

I'm so innocent

Coby following Oscar around

Coby wants to play with the duck, but the duck is after...

The ducks weren't bothered by Coby

Doing what dogs do best

What did you find?

Oscar performing for a treat

I just eat treats

They have good treats here

We woke up to a beautiful clear sky after an evening of hit and miss rain showers. Our plan was to go to the top of Mission Ridge, the local sky area for a picture perfect photo op of the Wenatchee Valley. Then we were heading into Leavenworth and the Icicle Creek area for a little hike. By the time we got dressed the clouds came up and over the mountains and were starting to blanket the area. We decided to forego Mission Ridge and head to Leavenworth. The wind was starting to pick up a bit, but from where we are parked we can't see to the west. Needless to say, it wasn't looking good towards the west in Leavenworth. It was down right ugly in that direction.

So plan B was needed. We were in need of chemicals for the holding tank, so took off for the local's favorite RV store, All Seasons RV. What a great store. They had Camping World's variety, with comparable pricing. We liked the friendly service and enjoyed talking with Bob, our sales guy. Sure like doing business with and supporting the smaller companies. Saw this great car in the parking lot. Check it out.

After being in there for all most an hour and buying much more than chemicals, imagine that, we found the winds had really kicked up. The sky was just black over Leavenworth still so, we called Nicole and David to meet for lunch at the Sub Shop in Wenatchee. They make the best sandwiches and french fries. Their tarter sauce is homemade and makes an excellent dipping sauce for the fries. This is one of my must eats when here.

We went over and fed and played with Coby. Then I went shopping for a salad makings to go with our homemade crab and corn chowder. We were having Eric and Lisa over as a thank you for letting us park on their property. Had a great meal outside. It was a little windy and cool though. Felt almost like fall was in the area. Please, not yet! They let their dog, Oscar and their two ducks out to play with Coby. What fun and cheap entertainment.

We woke up to rain this morning. It wasn't predicted, but what do the weatherman know anyway! We are waiting it out to see if we can get to Leavenworth today or not. Tonight we are going to the Grand Coulee Dam (Yes, Eldon another damn dam!) for the light show this evening. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

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