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Saturday, 8-22-09 - Hubbard Glacier, afternoon

Today was similar to day before yesterday when we were at Hubbard Glacier, except today we were there in the afternoon instead of the morning. At first it looked like we wouldn't be seeing any of it as it was very foggy as we approached it. But, the closer we got the more it cleared up. Not totally, but enough to see it. It was very quiet today and hardly any calving. We noticed how much different it looked from two days ago. I didn't think we would really notice, but it was VERY noticeable that it was different! I will add a few more pics of it as I am able to. I know it's been a couple of days or so since I've been able to get pics on here, so if you don't see any it's because I'm having trouble downloading them. At the least, I will get them added when I get back home.

It's sad that we are in our second and last week of the cruise already! It feels like I've just really started to relax!

Relaxing and enjoying some quiet time the rest of the day.

Tomorrow.....Sitka for a second time!

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