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Willy at entrance to Lollapolooza


Chillaxing at Lollapolooza

Heading to one of the stages for Tool

Jess on the river in Chicago

One of the old buildings

Another old building

We came to Chicago purely for the 3 day music festival Lollapalooza but found it was also a really nice city. Situated on a massive lake which just looks like the ocean with sand and everything, it was a really modern city with lots of sculptures and statues, parks and shops but also some really nice old buildings. We had a great time exploring Chicago. But back to the concert.....! We flew in on Friday morning checked into our hotel and cruised down to the park for the first day of festivities. We had been watching the weather all week and it said it was going to be nice but it was pouring rain which was a bit of a downer :( It was sooooo muddy from the rain all day and there were so many people covered in mud and people falling over but luckily by 8.30pm when Kings of Leon were due to play it had cleared up. It was crazy, there were so many people we couldnt see a thing! Kings of Leon were good tho and did alot of old stuff. On Saturday it was a nice hot sunny day and we headed down early to get a good spot for Tool. It was actually quite easy and we got a spot right on the barrier with a great view but that may of had to do with Willy's scary new haircut! Even though we had seen Tool 3 nights before it was still a great show, maybe even better due to the much larger crowd. Sunday we had a bit of a lazy day, there wasnt anyone else we wanted to see except the Killers and 2 days of festivities certainly wears you out! We cruised around the shops, lazied around our room and kinda didnt get down to the concert til like 7.30pm. I thought there was no way we were going to get in a spot where we could see but somehow Willy got us to the front once again! Killers put on the best show ive ever been to it was awesome. Today we did the touristy sightseeing thing. Checked out the old quarter and all the sights, had pizza at Gino's who serve traditional Chicago Pizza with such a big crust its nearly a pie and did a bit of shopping Tomorrow morning we are off to Vegas!!!! So excited for Vegas, Im sure I'll have lots of things to tell you all from there

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