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Over the Edge

Its a Hurricane!

Hanging over the abyss

When we arrived at Niagara Falls the view was absolutely amazing!!! The thundering falls were just mouth-dropping! It was extremely beautiful!!! We absolutely loved the Cave of the Winds where you could go up underneath the falls by going up to the Hurricane Deck, Megan absolutely loved it (which really does feel like you’re in a hurricane). If you didn’t feel like going under the falls you could simply walk all around the Cave of Winds looking at the awesome power and beauty of the falls. But no matter which way you go, you do get wet which is why they give you rain gear and sandals to wear. After the Cave of Winds we decided to go have a good look at the Whirlpool! The Whirlpool was really cool! Watching the Whirlpool spin around and around was interesting! When we were there, a blue boat called the Whirlpool Jet zipped out as if from nowhere! It sped all around the Whirlpool so all the people inside it could get a really cool look at the Whirlpool. A little while after seeing the Whirlpool Jet this little Gondola on an extremely strong wire went slowly across and about 80 feet above the Whirlpool letting those guests to see the Whirlpool from up above.

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