The Boy Walkers World Tour '05 travel blog

Just before the Jump

Mini golf

Arrived in Taupo and went straight to a place called 'Rock n Ropes'. It was an ariel assualt course, about 30ft high were things like wire bridges, logs, tight ropes etc. Was great fun but very scary. The best part was climbing up a 40ft log (which wobbled when you got to the top!) then jumping off it to grab a trapeez.

There was also a 50ft rope swing which was pretty cool to.

That night we had a few beers to settle nerves and the following day we set of early for our sky dive. It was awesome, a 12000ft tandem jump and it was all our friends in the plane. I went second to last, the freefall is so cool, it lasted about 45sec then when my instructor pulled the chute he let me steer for a while. The scenery was awesome to, Mount Doom peeping above the clouds!

Had a cool night out, went to play mini golf and then went to a place called the holy cow, got very drunk and just about made the bus in the morning.

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