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View of both the falls

Willy on Maid of the Mist, the hair didnt last for long!

Niagara Falls



The water tipping over the edge

From Iceland we needed to get to Chicago for a festival we were going to. The cheapest way to fly to the USA from Iceland happened to be via Toronto and by even more luck the flight arrived the day that one of Willys favourite bands was to play in Toronto.

We had very limited time in Toronto, and with Niagara Falls being so close we couldnt miss out on seeing it! So we went to the concert on Wednesday and then went straight to Niagara Falls the next morning.

To tell you the truth when we got there we kind of expected it to be bigger... I think though, its deceiving because you are on the cliffs above it once you are in the water its much more magnificent.

There is lots to do at Niagara Falls apart from just the falls themselves, well especially on the Canandian side, there are big resorts, casinos, an aq uarium, walk behind the falls, in front of the falls, fly over the falls etc! We decided just to go on the maid of the mist and it is misty and you do get drenched! but it was really cool to be down there right at the bottom.

On the American side you can get much closer to the falls themselves and its very parky, nice walks etc. Unfortuntly we just didnt have the time to do that side as well. We stayed in a hostel on the US side as we had an early morning bus to catch and didnt want to have to deal with immigration at 6am! but i'd recommend staying on the Canadian side as the town on the US side was a little bit dodgy.

Next we are off to Chicago for the 3 day music festival 'Lollapolooza'

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