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The Blue Lagoon is the Disneyland, the eiffle tower, the place you have to go, even though its so touristy, or you would feel like you missed out on your experience of Iceland! It is a natural thermal pool amoungst a lava field that stretches on forever and it is amazing the milky blue color of the water against the black rocks. We visited on our way to the airport for our flight out to Toronto.

I have been to a thermal pool before...... im trying to rack my brain to remember where, it must have been in New Zealand and i was really disapointed because it was just a normal pool filled with thermal water. But this was the real thing sandy muddy bottom and really really hot bits which you accidently drifted into and quickly swam out of. The water temp was about 40 degrees so it was quite warm. It was really something you must do if you visit Iceland, just budget for the AU$40.00 it costs to get in!!

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