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I have enjoyed a day and half here in Malaysia's capital city. Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city that is rapidly growing as Malaysia becomes an increasingly important player on the world market. I have had a chance to do some shopping here in the many malls and markets...it is kind of the thing to do here. One of the malls has an entire amusement park inside with a roller coaster and all. Tommorrow morning, we are heading to the Petronas Towers...now the world's tallest twin towers at 88 stories each. I remember seeing the Petronas Towers in an episode of the "Amazing Race", so it is fun to be able to actually see them in person. Kuala Lumpur (or "KL" as the locals refer to it) is a very westernized city, but it retains its eastern heritage with its Chinatown and Little India neighborhoods. The population in Malaysia in predominately Muslim and the city is dotted with beautiful mosques. Malaysia continues to be an interesting blend of many cultures. And, yes, there is every American fast food place that you could imagine here. While I refused to eat at McDonalds with my other fellow travellers, I did help myself to a warm chocolate chip cookie from Mrs. Fields...sometimes you do just miss a little food from home!

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