Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

We left Truro, Nova Scotia, early Monday morning and crossed the U.S. border about 1:00pm. We had no problems at the border, although U.S.D.A. inspectors did come in and look through our refrigerator. We drove on to Bangor, Maine and spent the night in a Super Wal-Mart. Tuesday morning, we again left early and drove all day through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and into New York state. We are taking a different path home and primarily driving the turnpikes in order to get home faster. Turnpike roads are very expensive, in terrible condition and the traffic is super, super heavy. We stopped for the night at Hirkimer Diamond Mine Campground, a place that we had camped in our old Winnebago, about 35 years ago. We had camped here while I was being trained at the old Univac Computer Manufacturing Plant in Ilion, NY for 4-6 weeks. This campground has changed considerably as it is now a nice resort and campground. It is still on a swift moving creek and near railroad tracks where Lois, Deb and Cindy found a lot of Herkimer diamonds back in the 70's. We may not leave as early as we have been leaving, in order to check the resort out a little more. We were so tired last night, that we didn't do much more than just eat and go to bed. If we have no problems, we should be home on Friday sometime.

The first thing that we have noticed upon being back into the United States, is the price of diesel and groceries. Food and fuel in Canada has been very expensive and Canada also places a 13% tax on top of their high grocery prices. Diesel fuel in Canada was about a dollar per gallon more than the U.S. (of course, this was after converting liters to gallons and factoring in the money conversion).

Updates on this journal,from this point forward may be slow or non-existent as we are concentrating on getting home.

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