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Moe's bane, but we didn't see any

Moe gets another prov - PEI

Confederation Bridge to PEI

PEI - gentle hills like northern Delaware

Moe finally gets PEI mussles

Another Canada twist - twin brands at the same dealer [Red Rock...

Fery from PEI to Nova Scotia - this is the new one

Old ferry I rode 6 years ago

love boat rides

Moe too

venting the vehicle deck before the "start your engines" command

Pictou, NS where the Scots landed

Replica "Hector". Their version of the Mayflower.

Still raining but we're going anyway. Moe cops an attitude

Todd & June, fellow bikers from Newfoundland. They bailed on Wed morning...

Lunch by the ferry we can't take to NF

Heading our separate ways.

Lots of beautiful waterways and rock.

The Cabot trail starts on the other side

Canada has some tough roads. We both wore out our rear tires...

Neat little cable ferry shaves about a half hour off the trip...

The heavy stuff always goes in the middle.

Newly resurfaced, no lane paint yet

Construction - we must be in CA

Yet again [4-5 time in the same day]

View from our cabin in Dingwall Thursday evening

Looking to the east

Tuesday 7/21 we’re off to PEI and get Moe in to another Province. The Confederation Bridge spans the 13 K separating New Brunswick from Prince Edward Island. The crossing is free going in to PEI, $17 to leave on a bike, $42 in a car, WOW!. They have paid for this bridge already – what a gold mine – lots of traffic.

We stopped for lunch and Moe wanted PEI mussels. They come in a 1 ½ lb bowl for $12, man they were good. Right across the street is the Red Rock Harley dealer. Moe got a visor replaced while I was looking at the Victory motorcycles – HD and Polaris in the same store. They do it different in Canada.

We left the island via the ferry to Pictou. This was a very new boat with identical bow and stern clam-shell doors. Lots of food on board but no casino. Had to stop in Pictou to show Moe the “Hector”, this is the boat the Scots came over on. A sign there said US Grant’s grandfather was on board. The day came to rest in New Glasglow a few miles away. The Comfort Inn was full so we went to Country Inn & Suites next door. Biker Special – any room for $99, so we got a 2 room suite with a king bed. Oh, how duty hurts!

Wednesday 7/22 Raining like a banshee – too hard to be able to see well. We checked out and waited on the porch for a let-up. Then the whole town has a power failure so the traffic lights and everything else is out. Half an hour later a couple comes in on a Boulevard, soaked and blind. Enter Todd and June from Newfoundland, on their way home. They get a room [everything done on paper at this point – no power. Hey TASCO – does this sound familiar?] We pal around waiting out the rain. At 1 PM, we give up and get our room back for another night. Moe and I had a great time chatting with them and then partying in to the evening. Four French speaking riders arrive that night and all of us get together with Moe doing the translation. Lot of fun.

Thursday 7/23 Moe and I ride to the Newfoundland ferry with Todd and June – yes it starts in the rain but only for an hour. Once at the terminal I found out they no longer do bikers as stand-by. The lady there would give no explanation, only repeated “We don’t do that anymore, the best I can do is get you on for Monday.” Well that won’t work so the four of us have lunch and then Moe and I head for the world famous Cabot Trail. It’s an ok ride but the roads are murder – we both now need new rear tires. It’s not as tight as most of West Virginia, not as steep as Glacier NP in Montana, not as eye-popping as southern Utah. Alright, I’m suffering from Tourism Hype let-down.

June told us where they stayed on the trail – a cabin/resort in Dingwall at the very tip of Cape Breton Island. Didn’t expect much when we rode in but it was great. A bed and comforter as good as Hampton Inn with a breakfast “cooler” waiting on your cabin doorstep at dawn. Slept 10 hours.

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