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Mooloombah is Alan’s home port and due to delays his leave pass had expired. I was surprised when he told me he had an extension to Gladstone. I was even more surprised when John told me his leave pass had been expired. His wife was missing him and he had to leave, or was it because he had washed the skippers white t shirts and returned with a load of blue shirts. Anyway it was a sad farewell as we drove John to the airport.

Kawana Waters is like most suburbs, a Bi Low, Woolworths, Big W and a marina. Sorry folks, no pics. It was a torrid time, this was where I received a third opinion of my engine woes, it’s using too much oil and it looks like age has finally caught up with it. It needs an overhaul, but the question was now or later? Expert opinion was divided so I took the option to keep going and keep supplying the engine with oil. I decided to re access the situation in Gladstone our next major port along the way.

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