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The winds were violent much of the night in the trailer truck parking lot, but tapered off in the early morning hours. We got up at 5:30am and left for the ferry in a misty rain and a heavy fog. We arrived at the ferry about 7:00am. Since our reservations were for tomorrow morning and this ferry requires a reservation, we didn’t know if we would have to sit here at the ferry terminal all day or if we could get on an earlier ferry. We lucked out and got on the 8:00am ferry to Nova Scotia. We started writing this log as we were crossing on the ferry and the ride was not as smooth as we had hoped for. We were on the 7th floor of their newest ferry boat and it was very plush. It was 10 stories high with 2 floors of cabins above us and an observation deck on the 10th. It had multiple restaurants, at least two bars and several gift shops. Our motor home was on the 3rd deck below us. Lois spent most of the ferry trip laying down and very, very sea-sick. She never lost her stomach, but was so nauseated that she could only lay down. One of the ship's crew members finally brought us ice, wrapped in a towel and gave it to Lois to put around her neck. She also brought 7-up and crackers. She said that she had been working on this ship for several weeks and had gotten sea-sick almost every trip that she worked, so she was very sympathetic and helpful. The ferry arrived on schedule at 2:00pm in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Between the ferry slowing down to enter the harbor area, the ice pack, the crackers and the 7-up, Lois eased out of her sickness and got her color back. Since we got into North Sydney so early, we decided to drive about 200 more miles before checking into a campground. We drove as far as Truro, Nova Scotia. We will continue on towards home tomorrow.

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