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2nd Tallest Tall ship in the world as it enter the Narrows...

Tall ship as it works its way into the St Johns harbor

Just to show how tall it was, it was above the observation...

Tall ship as it moves next to dockside in St Johns harbor

A view of Frankie's plane as it leaves St Johns, viewed from...

We woke up at 4:30am and were on the road to St Johns by 5:00am. It was slightly before daylight, so we started out driving very slow and cautious as this is moose time. Moose and car collisions are fairly common here in the early morning hours as the moose tend to wander on to the roads between dusk and daylight and a large number of people die here each year in these collisions. Lois drove, and Frankie and I watched for moose on the roadway or on the sides of the road. Since the tractor trailer truckers are rigged with multi-spotlights, they don’t slow down at night much at all, so we tried to stay behind and keep up with some of them until the day was more light. Frankie did see a couple moose, but they were in a field along the road and of no road danger to us. We arrived at the airport well in advance of his flight time and had breakfast before putting Frankie on his 8:40am flight to Newark, NJ. He will make a connection there to Atlanta and then on into Nashville by 8:30pm tonight. We think Frankie had a great time, we know that we had a great time with him. He got a lot of sleep, read two books and had plenty of non-stressful activity. Hopefully, this helped get him rested and ready to complete his third year of Law School at Memphis State. During our drive into St Johns, we heard on a local radio station that the 2nd largest Tall Ship in the world was coming into the St Johns harbor this morning between 8am and 9am. After seeing Frankie to his plane, we drove back into St Johns and went to Signal Hill to view this Tall Ship entering the harbor. It was a major draw as the view points were nearly filled and the local TV stations were there filming as were the politicians waving a Russian flag as this was a Russian ship. We took a few pictures and watched Frankie’s plane leave as Signal Hill is the highest point in St Johns. We drove back to the campground and will stay overnight to rest up for our journey back to the ferry at Port Aux Basques to Nova Scotia and then on towards Springfield, Tennessee.

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