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Our Boomer mini-rang at Alpine Inn in Hill City, SD

Shopping along the streets of Hill City

Wonderful metal sculpture

Another view

The motorcycles are starting to arrive

The Apline Inn for great food...cash only

Teddy Bear Museum

Art gallery guard dog

First glimpse of Deerfield Lake

Love our ride

Really great scenery

Great place to fish

Life after people

Gold in them there hills

Very clear water

Lots of pretty wild flowers

We have promised ourselves to take care of our three days off by taking a down day (relaxing, sleeping in, watching TV or whatever strikes our fancy. Second would be to go out and do something fun (sightsee, visit a museum, just go for a drive). And, the third day would be to take of whatever chores we may have (clean house, laundry, etc.) And, not necessarily in any order.

Yesterday was our down day which was great because of the rain. Today was a glorious sun shiny day with those great puffy white clouds. The temperature was around 80.

We started the day with meeting up with some other Boomers (Escapee BOF group) for lunch in Hill City at the Alpine Inn. The eight of us, Duane and Betty, Ron and Sharon, John and Twyna, J.C. and me, made up our little mini-rang. The food was pretty good, the company was great. It is so much fun to talk about where we all have been and where we are all going.

We realized that we had not toured Hill City yet, so, we spent the next hour or so going through the shops. I discovered one museum that holds 6500 Teddy Bears, no two alike. It was amazing. The collector is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The local Super 8 had an open Wi-Fi connection. So we took advantage of the opportunity and updated all J.C.'s podcasts.

It was such a beautiful day and only about 3 PM. So we decided to go explore Deerfield Lake which is west of Hill City. What a great ride. The lake is the result of an earthen dam. It is remote with several primitive campgrounds. It looked wonderful for smaller rigs, pop-ups and tents.

The water was spectacularly crystal clear. This is a very popular place to fish. The terrain is somewhat different because we are just outside of what I would call the Black Hills. It is dryer, the trees are white poplars and there are no mountains. Amazing change to see only 25 miles away from Hill City.

We have been collecting fishing gear for about 6 months. Non-resident fishing licenses are pretty pricey throughout the country. We have not gone fishing yet. We did buy a license here because we are residents of South Dakota. The fee was only $25, not too bad. We will go fishing one of these days.

It was about 6 PM by the time we got home. We grabbed a hamburger at the Heritage Village Restaurant and called it a day.

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