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Sun. 26th July 2009 Weather:-Overcast/13 degrees

Paddington to Hay 723k/8h

The drive to Hay is an easy one and the first part is driven retracing our trip of 3 days ago until just past Gundagai where we turned off towards Wagga-Wagga. We were again slowed down by 125km of road works and about 138 kilometres before Hay we were blessed with rain. The town of Hay was established in 1859 and named after pastoralist and politician Sir John Hay. In 1877 Cobb & Co started a coach factory there. Hay is 735 km south-west of Sydney with a population 3,500 and located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River it is surrounded by the vast grasslands of One Tree Plain. It supports a large beef industry and a number of world-famous sheep studs reside in Hay. The area has produced some of the best medium merino wool in Australia. During World War II, internment and POW camps were set up in the town for Italian and Japanese prisoners. But for us now it is just the half way point between Sydney and Home. Hay’s hot, dry summers made the western areas of NSW quite a challenge to endure in the early days of settlement and Banjo Patterson light heartedly captured a sense of the “toughness” of the area with his poem “Hay, Hell and Booligal”. Australia has come a long way since those days and air conditioning now helps make the summer endurable! Sheep for wool, irrigated cropping (rice especially makes no sense to me in this water starved continent), and tourism are Hay’s major industries. The trip between Sydney and Adelaide is best driven using this route but the long boring plains around the Hay area are always referred to as “Miles and Miles of nothing”. I am sure that that is not so for if we slowed down a little we would be able to see its’ beauty, as it would be with all the other towns that we have skirted past or whizzed through, they all have their own charm but you need a month of Sundays to really look around this vast land.

My next job tonight will be to get in touch through the internet to the NSW Road Transport Authority to sort out $2:50 Harbour Toll---More trouble than it is worth---Such is modern day life. IN MY DAY WE JUST THREW $2 IN THE TRAY AS WE DROVE THROUGH. First? sign of getting old.

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