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Fri. 24th July 2009 Weather:-Sunny/17?degrees

Herman’s job today was to install a HD digital set top box to the girls TV in preparation of the analogue system being cut off in Australia. We were both going out to help Larissa buy one that was suitable but as she had to work for a few hours today the decision was that Herman and I would go to Bondi Junction’s Westfield Plaza while she was at work. All went well except for the ¾ hour search to find the car in order to get back home. For those overseas that are not familiar with our shopping malls---layers upon layers of shops, the circumferences of many confusing shapes—car parks on even more layers—makes for a day trip to go to do a simple little purchase, every time in the car of course. It is one of the reasons that I like living in the city for shopping is just a little walk in ‘our back yard’—the one where we don’t have to mow the lawn. A stop was made in Micky’s Cafe for a bite of lunch and to use their Wi-Fi internet then home to help/hinder Larissa with the preparation of tonight’s meal.

Ally and Jayga return home from work and were soon followed by the arrival of Ron. Tonight two of Ron’s five sisters, Michelle and Greta with their husbands Matt and Warwick were invited so that gave us an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. Michelle and Matt have just adopted an adorable little puppy that we played ‘pass the parcel’ with for the rest of the night. My heart smiles when I get little snippets from Larissa about Ron’s family, they seem a very loving and caring group of people and you could say to the parents “job well done”. The rest of the night passed with happiness and laughter while in the background, in between dinner courses, the table was tidied, plates and glasses were washed by Ally and Jayga so at the end of the evening there was no almighty mess to have to tackle. Isn’t this a nice life.

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