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Thur. 23rd July 2009 Weather:-Sunny/16degrees

Echuca to Paddington-Sydney 798k/9:49h

Our first stop this morning was the Historic Echuca Docks, they are very much intact as they were when they were being used a century ago to ply trade up and down the rivers. For those of you who have seen the TV mini-series “All the Rivers Run” staring Ingrid Thornton and John Waters you will know this part of the river well and will have seen the historic Paddle Steamer Pevensey and all the other old paddle steamers that are now on display in that museum. It was also interesting to see the large milling operation that was in place there that was used to mill all the huge logs that came down the river after being milled up stream. One thing that really struck Herman and I was the height of the original dock, the river must have been at least 6 metres higher a century ago before the dams, weirs and locks were put in place.

We drove off at about 10:30 am on the road to Sydney and found the country on this side of Echuca a lot more interesting than on the other side. Livestock seems to be the main industry in this part of the country with a lot more of the homesteads in view. Yesterday our vistas consisted of wheat fields with the homesteads out of view over the horizons the only sign of habitation being ten gallon ‘letterboxes’ on the side of the road. Undulation green hills with grazing cattle and lots of farm buildings was what our eyes feasted on today.

Note:- the drive was not as direct as it shows on the map for over the 2 days off driving we passed through Ouyen, Banalla and Goulburn to follow the main highway through

Just after the first two and a quarter hour change-over of drivers we called into the “Ettamogah Pub”. The pub originated in a cartoon serialized in the Post magazine in the early 1950 created by Ken Maynard and lampoons the Ettamogah Mob’ a fictionalized group displaying all the “fair dinkum” Australian characteristics. 22 years ago they built the replica of this pub just on the outskirts of Albury. If you are wondering “why there is a truck on the roof” the story goes that a few years ago they had a flood and the truck ended up on the roof—the ‘Ettamogah mob’ have not bothered to get it down yet. The ‘Galah’ wears jack boots as the tin roof gets to hot for his feet.

Just after leaving the pub we were lucky enough so come across 125km of road works so at this time we are wondering if we are going to reach Sydney tonight (Herman is driving and I am Typing) Stop, start, 60k per hour, 40k per hour? Oh well we will see (we ended up doing the trip in 9 hours)

Larissa resides in Paddington---these days famous for its’ ‘Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ and she shares her apartment with 2 other girls Jayga and Ali. Jayga is moving to Western Australia in September to be with her boyfriend and Ali is moving to Melbourne in October to seek new pastures, at this time one of Larissa’s other school friends is moving in when Jayga moves out and I am sure that they will find another flatmate when Ali decides to move on. The attractions of living in Paddington are that it is within walking distance of most things in Sydney and also has a good public transport system. Paddington is known for its attractive Victorian terrace houses with cast-iron lace detailing, it is regarded by many as the place to spot the latest trends in fashion, food and design. Busy Oxford Street is lined with fashion and shoe salons, as well as home ware stores, cafés and restaurants. Just up the road in upmarket Woollahra is Queen Street, famous for its array of antique shops, art galleries and jewellery shops. But we like it there for that is where my daughter lives.

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