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140 year old fisherman's home

Guitar, handcrafted from tea boxes!

Part of the harbour at Salvage

Model of a Beothuk canoe

Beothuk shelter - birchbark and poles, stitched together

Lobster trap

Birchbark canoe - not the Beothuk pattern

Part of Burnside - a fishing village

We spent the day today just visiting a couple of fishing villages in the area. Burnside also contained an archeology centre where studies of the earliest peoples in the area are studied. They have evidence of Maritime, Archaic, Paleo-Eskimo and finally Beothuk Indians living in the area before the advent of Europeans.

I have always felt the Beothuk got a bad deal from the first whites. The docent in the museum described a very tall Indian population (about six feet tall, in the early 1700's), who had a series of very unfortunate encounters with the earliest seasonal fishermen from the seafaring Europeans. They were not particularly gentle people, and in the conflict between firearms and bows and arrows, the Beothuk were extinguished in the early 1700's.

The area got it's first road contact with the outside in the fifties, and electric power in the early 1960's. In Savage, a 140 year old fisherman's house has been turned into a fisherman's museum. Interesting collection of the everyday things that would be present in the homes of the area. The docent was a son of a fisherman, and could relate the times and the skills well. In particular, he showed the technique for weaving fishing nets. Very interesting - in fact so interesting that I forgot all about taking pictures!!

After we left, Janet and I talked about earlier life on the prairies, and how almost all of the household equipment could have been taken from early farm homes. That led to the conclusion that a farm wife/fisherman's wife could have been transported from one home to the other, and functioned very well. The skills and equipment were identical. Perhaps the food available would have differed, but that's about all.

We spent the evening with a friend of my cousin Nomie Meronuk's, a fellow teacher, married to a teacher, so had a place to start talking. Nice break from sitting in the trailer, reading.

Off to St. John's tomorrow. Can't believe that we are so close to leaving "the rock"

Chuck and Janet

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