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We left Portland Creek Campground early this morning. We had some rowdy neighbors last night, they were up pretty late partying and singing Newfie songs in either French or drunken Newfie English, we couldn’t tell which. They didn’t disturb us but they were pretty funny.

We drove back through Gros Morne National Park and on as far as Grand Falls-Windsor where we pulled into Sanger Memorial Campground.

Since it was still fairly early, we drove into town to Wal-Mart and then to a Salmon Interpretive Center. This was very interesting as the Atlantic Salmon are running at nearly their peak season right now and the Exploits River in Grand Falls-Windsor is one of the primary paths for the running salmon. This interpretive center was built next to a large waterfall that was partially natural and partially man made for the Bowater Company. There were a series of salmon ladders (35 steps) built to allow the salmon to make their way back to their spawning grounds around this falls. There was also a viewing room with glass windows where you could view the salmon in one of the tanks as they rested and prepared to jump the next step. It was amazing to watch these 5-20 pound salmon jump 4-6 feet through the air to negotiate the ladders. The Atlantic Salmon are different than the Pacific Salmon as they can return from the ocean to their fresh water spawning grounds for 3 successive years whereas Pacific salmon can only return once and then immediately start dying after they lay their eggs. After watching a film and having the guides give us details on this process, we headed back to the campground. Sorry, no pictures today.

We’ll leave early in the morning to drive to Thorburn Lake campground. This will put us within 100 miles of St Johns airport for Frankie’s Friday morning flight

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