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Our campsite at Montana Creek

This is about 9 PM getting the Mexican Train game out.

I got up early to try my hand at some fishing. I had to walk about a half mile upstream to clear the closed area before I could do some trout fishing until the 14th. From that point I waded upstream fishing and fishing and fighting the current for the next half mile. I did not see a fish until I ran into another person doing the same as I – fishing upstream. We exchange greetings and talked about the conditions. He was from Norway and was trying to catch some trout and salmon. He told me that just above us was a hole where numerous King Salmon were resting. Sure enough when I got there I saw a dozen or more large Kings. I tried to catch one but to no avail. I did hook a small trout but that was all I had to show for 2 ½ hours of fishing/wading/hiking. By the time I waded downstream and hiked the trail back to camp I was done for the day. Of course Vicki was ready to do some hiking but she was very sympathetic of my wanting to relax the rest of the afternoon.

We did do a hike to the river to watch the King Salmon after dinner. We played a little Mexican Trains and called it an evening early as I was dead tired.

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