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We went into the town center and had breakfast and just chilled out till we cought a taxi down to the port.

A couple of hours down at the port and our ferry turns up to take us to the "party capital of the islands"

The ferry ride is only 1 hour long and we are there (my first impression was wow this is small). 7 people hoped off the ferry (which had about 500 on it) are we at the right place?

Another Island where we had no where to stay and sure enough another offer to stay in someones hotel this time for 20 euros a night (bargan).

We settle into the hotel and get ready to go out in the "main square". We must of walked past what seemed like 100 bars that where closed then we found the main square (it is about 25m by 30m and has 8 bars around it).

We enter the first one and there are 4 men sitting there watching soccer on TV.

Where are all the people?

About 11pm 10 people turned up they where mainly the people from the ferry, 3 of them where Australian and after a couple of hours it didn't matter how many people where there because I was seeing 100's.

Somehow made it into bed just before dawn.

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