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Cliffs of Santorini

Up early today and off to hire a car. We ended up getting a open top jeep. The island of santorini is amazing.

In 1650 bc the volcano (which is still there) erupted and put ash and rock 37km into the air. It was one of the largest expolsions the earth had ever seen. What it did was blow a whole in the middle of the island creating sheer cliffs in the middle of the Island down to the water.

Overtime the water and more eruptions has eroded half of the Island leaving an Island with cliffs on one side and beaches on the other. It is amazing.

Enough of the history leason.

We basically went all over the Island from anciant Minonian cities, to the highest point (which has a military site on it that says no photos, but dont tell them we took some) and down to the beaches.

We had dinner at a great Greek place that must of had a 50th Birthday there (I would know if i could understand what they where saying) All night they where up dancing and singing it was great to see.

Back to the hotel to get ready for our trip to Ios the next day.

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